The Oakhouse Difference

Oakhouse Counseling isn't like going to see a doctor to receive a diagnosis, a prognosis, and a prescription. It's far more relational than that kind of interaction. While we bring significant empirical research and scientific understanding into every session, we know you're a person with a soul that includes the mind, will, and emotions. You are more than your biology! Our clients grow and change because we address the biology, psychology, social, and spiritual dimensions that comprise their lives.

Science With Heart

We are experienced in practical, evidence-based solutions to the challenges of living.

Because people get better

Coaching vs Counseling

Both coaching and counseling are based on a trusting, professional relationship that seeks the health and wellbeing of the client.

In coaching, clients come with goals and need help accomplishing them. Coaches help them get clarity by coming alongside them and drawing out those strengths, talents, gifts, and potentialities already in them; and together, we create a concrete plan of action.

In counseling, clients come with a problem. They need help getting past the same roadblocks that have plagued them for long periods of time. Counseling delves deeply into a client's past, life of thoughts, feelings, relationships, anxieties, and fears.


Individual Counseling

Individual Sessions

50 Min - $175


4 Session Package

$545 - 15% Discount

Couples Counseling


Couples Sessions

50 Min - $225

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